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A Return To Healing Chapter 1: A Surprise Healing of My Wife's Illness

submitted by: admin on 03/22/2015
"A Surprise Healing of My Wife's Illness" describes the factors leading to a turning point in my relatiohship to medical practice. I can no longer restrict my practice to conventional medicine and begin a new journey of natural healing of the whole person.           A Return to Healing, Chapter 2 Introduction by Vicki Saputo, RN and Len Saputo, MD

submitted by: admin on 04/22/2024
This is an introduction to our website by Vicki Saputo, RN. .Vicki has appeared with her husband Len on hundreds of radio shows and brings her wonderful and heartfelt energy across in this video introduction to the web experience.  Dr. Saputo shares his good energy in a video lower down on this page.. Enjoy!

Healthy Cosmetics, Vicki Saputo, RN

submitted by: admin on 09/23/2013
  We are more concerned with how we look than how safe the products we put on our skin are. Cosmetics are not regulated to protect us as they should. Most products contain many toxic chemicals that are absorbed through the skin and poison the body for years. Nurse Vicki reviews these issues and offers suggestions of what you can use to be safe and still...

Healthy Skin Care Products

submitted by: admin on 09/23/2013
  The FDA doesn't regulate skin care products. A cosmetic manufacturer may use any ingredient without government approval and most of the 25,000 chemicals used, have NOT been tested for long term toxic effects. The associations that are supposed to assess the safety of the ingredients are made up of the chemical companies that manufacture the cosmetics!...

KEST Radio Shows

submitted by: admin on 04/22/2024
Dr. Len and Nurse Vicki, as she is so affectionately known, have been providing cutting edge mainstream and complementary and alternative health information for their audience for more than a decade. Their Prescriptions for Health live call in talk show is aired on KEST Radio every Friday from 9:00-11:00 am and their Fastrack Edition of Prescriptions for Health...

Managing Digestive Disorders with Len and Vicki Saputo

submitted by: admin on 10/10/2013
Dr. Len and Nurse Vicki provide an overview of digestive disorders, their physiology, and management using natural solutions. This indepth review offers specific measures for diagnosis and treatment. In general, probiotics, l-glutamine, UltraClear Sustain, and quercetin do miracles for most people with IBS. A healthy lifestyle also does a lot to restore normal...

Medicine For The Third Millenium

submitted by: admin on 10/11/2013
Today's health care system is in need of major reform. It does not work that well; we have an epidemic of chronic illnesses that affects about 50% of the population. The cost of health care is skyrocketing, we spend nearly twice the amount of any industrialized country and are still ranked 37th in the world in overall quality of care by the World Health Organization,...

More Safe Skin Care Products and Products to Avoid, by Vicki Saputo

submitted by: admin on 10/11/2013
Below is more valuable information about cosmetics that are safe and what to avoid, as well as several good links to sites that offer natural personal hygiene products. All of these products have been used and tested by Vicki!                   

Personal Care Products to Avoid

submitted by: admin on 10/14/2013
There are many personal products that you may use without even thinking that they could be harmful. Vicki talks about some of them and gives you healthy alternatives. Talc or talcum powder, titanium dioxide, commercial tampons, disposable diapers, baby wipes, antibacterial hand sanitizers, sanitary napkins, feminine hygiene sprays, chemical douches, spermicides,...

Pink Ribbons: Think Before You Pink

submitted by: admin on 10/15/2016
Think before you PINK! Pink Washing (Pink Ribbons) can be a marketing ploy to sell products. Listen to Vicki and learn about some of the BIG cosmetic companies that sell products that contain the toxic chemicals (carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, etc.) that can cause breast cancer, as well as many other diseases. These companies that sponsor "Walks For...

Safe Household Products

submitted by: admin on 08/04/2014
There are about 17,000 chemicals in common household products and few are tested for safety or tested before they are put on the store shelves. The terms on the labels (organic, natural) are unregulated.   Commercial cleaners are polluting our homes and contributing to the rise in chronic diseases including asthma and allergies because they weaken our...

Vicki Saputo Reel

submitted by: admin on 12/06/2013
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Vicki's Corner

submitted by: admin on 04/22/2024
Welcome to my corner of!  Vicki's Corner is a place where you can find out tips on personal care and household products that I've found to be healthy and safe... Don't think I'm selling them - that's not what this is about.  After years of being asked by women about these things, I want to offer the result of all...

Vicki's Safe Skin Care Products

submitted by: admin on 06/17/2017
  Vicki Saputo, RN has researched safe cosmetics and skin care products for more than 20 years. Her personal list below consists of products she has researched, tested and recommends. Remember our skin is our body’s largest organ and more than 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our blood stream. We don’t want to absorb hormone...

What You Need to Know About Sunscreens

submitted by: admin on 04/22/2024
  Beware of commercial sunscreens and use natural organic products. Commercial sunscreens absorb the UV rays and create free radicals. Stay away from chemical sunscreens that can be toxic and actually cause skin cancer, especially when exposed to the sun. Some commercial brands even become inactive when exposed to the sun. Stay away from products that...

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