More Safe Skin Care Products and Products to Avoid, by Vicki Saputo

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Below is more valuable information about cosmetics that are safe and what to avoid, as well as several good links to sites that offer natural personal hygiene products. All of these products have been used and tested by Vicki! 










  • Hair dyes –Nature Tint, Naturally Beautiful, Color-Me-Naturally, Color Charm and Henna are portrayed to be safe.  (I have not used these hair dyes). BEWARE of para phenylenediamine in hair dyes, especially when combined with hydrogen peroxide. It is in just about all permanent and semi permanent hair dyes (especially black) and has been shown to be carcinogenic. Do not use them on eyelashes. Hair dyes have been known to cause blindness. Check the ingredients of all products in the health food store.
  • Personal (moisture pom vaginal moisturizer) 1 (800) 661-5176, SYLK (602) 957-7955 or Benedetta (800) 868-8331,, 877-253-7853 (V.V. Wild Yam Salve).
  • Toothpaste (or a toothsoap at or oral care liquid Naturax Dentizyme (online or, – Toothpastes: Weleda baking soda, calendula (H.F. stores). Real Purity, Young Living. Avoid Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Fluoride, diethylene glycol, triclosan, and saccharin in your toothpaste.
  • Lip Balm – or Love Nectar Potions “Honey Rose Kissing Balm” - 800 369-1365, Miessence
  • Deodorant – Baking Soda (It works! See above) 
  • Firenze Nail Polish and remover (no dibutylphthalate, tolulene or formaldehyde), Uses soy and silk. OK for occasional use. Low toxicity. (888) 345-5788, or (866) 866-1316, or (OPI is OK now, too….not perfect, but better)
  • Seventh Generation Products (found in health food stores), Clean and Green under AmazonHerbShop (above under Lluvia), (Shaklee)
  • Shower head water purifier- Aqua Flow 1 (800) 873-4321
  • Websites for organic personal care products:





Books: Supernatural Home by Beth Greer, Not Just a Pretty Face (The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry) by Stacy Malkan, Home Safe Home by Debra Lynn Dadd.
Movie: “The Story of Cosmetics” with Annie Leonard (

           *Three common chemicals to especially avoid: phthalates (often hidden), parabens, petrolatum, the three P’s. Remember your skin is your body’s largest organ and more than 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your blood stream. You don’t want to absorb hormone disruptors, carcinogens or neurotoxins. Organic, natural products are recommended with the absence of synthetic preservatives, artificial colors (esp. FDC’s), chemical fragrances and chemical additives and nanoparticles. I have done most of the research for you, so go for it and enjoy!

*Let me know how it goes or if there is a discrepancy for which I am not aware. There are often ingredient books in Health Food stores that can be helpful while shopping or go to if there is an ingredient in question. Vicki Saputo, R.N.

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