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Vicki Saputo, RN has researched safe cosmetics and skin care products for more than 20 years. Her personal list below consists of products she has researched, tested and recommends.

Remember our skin is our body’s largest organ and more than 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our blood stream. We don’t want to absorb hormone disruptors, carcinogens or neurotoxins. Organic, natural products are recommended with the absence of synthetic preservatives, artificial colors (esp. FDC’s), chemical fragrances and chemical additives and nanoparticles. Vicki has done most of the research for you, so go for it and enjoy!

If you want to check your personal care products for safety, you can double check by going to and go to skin deep.

The FDA does not regulate the ingredients in skin care products, so it is up to you to take responsibility for your health. Vicki saves you lots of time in chosing safe healthy products that nourish your skin. Listen and watch her talk about this topic on Vicki's Corner.






Marie Veronique Nadeau

Fresh organic moisturizers, mist, sun screen,-- all good


Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rain Skin Renewal System. Organic skin care products from the rain forest -- all good 


Real Purity

Foundation, lipstick, powder, blush, eye shadow


Miessence Organic

Skin care, toothpaste, body powder, lip care 


Aubrey Organics

Shampoo, lotions, conditioner, hair gel, etc.


Kabana Skin Care, LLC



100% Pure

Mascara, eyeliner, lotions, soap, eye shadow


Jane Iredale Skin Care

Concealer, blush, mascara, brow color, lip/eyeliner 


Dr. Hauschka Mascara

concealer, deodorant fresh


Ecco Bella

eye liner, lip liner



shampoo, hair conditioner, bug off



geoceuticals mask, hydrobase, moisturizer with crystals


Trio Skin Care

organic moisturizers


Yoanna Skin Care

vitamin e combo


Beyond Health

l'huile de grace ( herbal, floral essential oil combo for face), olivella soap

800 250-3063


organic skin care products with essential oils


Young Living Essential Oils

a myriad of essential oils including insect repellents (Idaho Pansy/Purification for mosquito bites, etc.)


Nature's Gift Essential Oils

many essential oils

615 612-4270

Elizabeth Van Buren EO’s

therapeutic oils, mists, lotions, massage oils, toners


Snow Lotus Aromatherapy

essential oils and “sinus clear” works great!


Jeani's Green Max Pro

Natural, organic hand and household antibacterial/antifungal cleaner


Wonder Cloth

removes make up/ a combo of Japanese plant pulp


Ann Marie Gianni Skin Care



More Safe Skin Care Products and Products to Avoid


Be sure to check out the video about Products to Avoid as well as list and descriptions of the common and hazardous chemicals used by manufacturers of cosmetics and personal hygiene products.


Personal Care Products to Avoid

This page contains a list as well as descriptions of the most common and hazardous chemicals used by manfacturers of cosmetics and personal hygiene products.

Top Synthetic Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid

More information can be found at the link below.  This page has information on both safe products and products to avoid.  There is also links to other web sites that have natural products for sale or provide information about natural personal hygiene products.

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