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Assessing Arteriosclerosis

submitted by: admin on 09/18/2013
Risk factors for heart disease should be assessed depending on each person's family history and lifestyle. The tests used also vary with each individual's particular situation. This disease is generally preventable.      

Estrogen and Testosterone Linked to Sudden Cardiac Death

submitted by: admin on 09/21/2013
  According to a presentation at the Heart Rhythm Society in May of 2013, higher levels of estrogen are associated with an increased risk for sudden cardiac death (SCD) in both men and women. Testosterone on the other hand was lower in men and slightly higher in women with SCD. More than 350,000 people die annually in the US from SCD. Some of the...

Fear of Dying During Heart Attack Linked to Increased Inflammation

submitted by: admin on 09/21/2013
Intense distress and fear of dying, as with a heart attack, is common and associated with biological changes of inflammation that can cause worse outcomes. About 20% of people having an MI have this intense fear. Intense fear of dying has a four fold increase in inflammatory markers such as TNF alpha and cortisol. Heart rate variability is also worsened by this...

Managing Diabetes with Natural Measures with Joe Prendergast, MD

submitted by: admin on 06/16/2024
Dr. Joe focuses on reversing arteriosclerosis and discusses the role of L-arginine, cholesterol, arterial stiffness and heart rate variability in this process. Measuring inflammation is highlighted.

Masked Hypertension

submitted by: admin on 10/10/2013
The definition of high blood pressure and what it is, is reviewed. Being "tense" leads to tense arteries and dealing with stress is critical. Complications are discussed. White coat hypertension is common and home blood pressures are more reliable.

New Ultra-bad Cholesterol

submitted by: admin on 02/19/2015
A new ultra-bad very sticky form of LDL cholesterol that is small and dense has been identified and found to be present in both type 2 diabetes and in the elderly. It may be the reason why the risk of heart attack and stroke is eleveated in these groups. The cause is suspected to be related to glycation (damage to proteins by high levels of glucose) and is more...

Ownership Spurs Unnecessary MRI Tests

submitted by: admin on 09/30/2013
A study published in September of 2013 in the journal, Radiology, looked at the number of knee MRIs that were ordered by MDs with ownership in the MRI facility and those that did not, and found that about 33% more were ordered by those with ownership.  Medical practice has become a business, and income is the bottom line for for a business. We believe...

Stroke is Becoming More Common in Younger People

submitted by: admin on 06/16/2024
  According to an article published in the October issues of the journal, Neurology, stroke is affecting people at a younger age. In 1995 13% of all strokes occurred in people between 20 and 50 years old. That number rose to 19% in 2005. The reason for this increase in incidence in younger people is that we're seeing conditions such as type 2...

The Best Heart Screening Tests with Beverly Rubik

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013
  There are a number of new tests that are not in the mainstream that take assessment of arteriosclerosis to a higher level. By measuring the pulse wave in a finger we can assess the state of vascular arteriosclerosis in the heart and brain and even reverse the amount of plaque with interesting supplements. This simple and affordable test needs to be...

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