Cancer Prevention

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The early detection of cancer is often confused with cancer prevention. It is far better to not get cancer than to deal with even the very earliest of cancers. A healthy lifestyle is the most powerful medicine in the universe and it is within our power to pay attention to the style in which we live our lives!

We know what causes cancer and it is straightforward to avoid getting it. We must pay attention to the epigenetics of cancer genes and turn them off by eating a healthy diet, avoiding excessive stress, exercise daily, get adequate sleep, maintain an ideal weight, and avoid toxic exposures. 

Most Cancers are Preventable Today


An article published in Science Translational Medicine in March of 2012 concluded that 1/3 of all cancers were caused by smoking and another 20% from being overweight or obese. However, diet, exercise, sleep, and exposure to environmental toxins likely account for another 30-40% of all cancers. Genetic factors are not that common. The American Cancer Society promotes finding the cure and avoids promoting prevention. This is not much of a surprise when you consider their conflicted position with the pharmaceutical industry.

There will be about 1.5 million new cancers in 2012 and nearly 600,000 deaths. We need real health care reform that is based on wellness and prevention.

Most Cancers are Preventable Today


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All of the Health Assessments on have been developed to provide you with integrative and holistic medical information that may help you understand your health condition more fully and share our opinions about possible treatments you may choose to consider with your healthcare practitioner. All of our Health Assessments have been created by Dr. Saputo with the intent of taking just a few minutes of your time and, upon completion, providing instant emailed information in short audio and video files that are specifically related to your unique health condition as determined by the way you answered our simple questions.


If you want to be proactive about preventing cancer this is the Health Assessment for you. We will ask you questions about lifestye factors that include your diet, exercise, sleep, stress, weight, exposure to sunlight, and exposure to environmental toxins and provide you with information that can help you maximize your body's ability to defend against cancer. Cancer is more of an epigenetic than genetic disease and most of it is preventable!



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Lifestyle is our most important prescription for good health. On you can track your progress over time using our unique tracking system on your very own home page. Once you become a member you can follow your lifesytyle changes and your improvement over time of any health care condition you have and see how much healthier you are!





Tracking Lifestyle Changes


Wellness Buffer


The "wellness buffer" is a range in a spectrum between ideal / perfect health and when the symptoms of disease begin. It takes loss of considerable reserve function before health deteriorates to the point where you first develop symptoms. We should all be working hard to preserve this buffer between perfect functionability and where dysfunctionality begins to become apparent. Unfortunately we've been convinced by the business of health care to wait until we get sick before we take action to preserve our wellness.




Wellness Buffer


Vitamin D 


There is a pandemic of vitamin D deficiency because we don't get the UVB rays from sunlight that are needed to make it ourselves. This leads to not only an increased risk of osteoporosis but also of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, several cancers, heart attacks, strokes, and seasonal affective disorder. Vitamin D replacement is necessary for most people. The immune effects of vitamin D are also reviewed.




Vitamin D


Do Spices Prevent Cancer?


The spice, saffron, shows promise in preventing liver cancer in animal models. Rats treated with the chemical carcinogen, diethylnitrosamine (DEN) there was an inhibition of cell proliferation and stimulation of apoptosis, both of which are important cancer treatment mechanisms. Chronic infection with hepatitis B or C are major risk factors for primary hepatocellular carcinoma. DEN is an environmental carcinogen found in tobacco smoke, cosmetics, gasoline, and processed foods including milk and meat products.

Saffron has antioxidant, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory properties.


Do Spices Prevent Cancer?


Chlorophyll Can Help Prevent Cancer


Chlorophyll protects against cancer when tested against the relatively low levels of carcinogens usually found in our environment. However, at high concentrations it actually increases cancer growth! It is interesting how nature produces our food in that it has chemicals that are clearly carcinogenic in them, but also includes the antidote, chlorophyll. This was an argument that organic foods were not necessary, however, for me I don't need the extra carcinogen load in my food. So, eat your greens and you'll have just the right amount of cancer preventing chlorophyll.



Chlorophyll Can Help Prevent Cancer



Here at, we have over 150 media files that are related to Cancer Prevention. If you would prefer to search through them yourself, without the aid of the health assessment, here is a link to get you to our content.







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