Ofer Erez

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Ofer Erez
Movement Specialist, SugiTouch™, Sugi Fitness™


Ofer Erez has dedicated his life to learning about and teaching health, fitness and movement in the wisest, safest, most natural, and most useful ways possible. Throughout the last two decades, Ofer has taught hundreds of students the Sugi techniques for better workouts and reaching health goals that seemed unattainable in other settings. His ability to integrate his studies in movement and healing with an understanding in anatomy, physiology and the relationship of the many systems in the human body enables him to create programs and
classes that provide his clients with big results.

Ofer is a Yoga Master, a certified massage therapist, Reiki Master and certified Feldenkrais® teacher. He has written numerous articles on improving coordination and range of motion and holistic exercise. Ofer delivers numerous presentations and workshops throughout the Bay Area. His work has been frequently referenced in at least three inspirational books, “Stretching Lessons,” by bestselling author Sue Bender, the recently released “Seven Sacred Attitudes” by Erica Ross-Krieger,” and “Hidden Assets” by Mark Bryant.

Conditions Commonly Addressed

ï‚· Chronic pains of all kinds
ï‚· Persistent back, hip and neck aches
ï‚· Stress-related symptoms
ï‚· Breathing problems
ï‚· Balance problems
ï‚· Weakness and tension
ï‚· Posture
ï‚· Children with neurological disorders
ï‚· Neurological disorder (MS, CP, PD)


Sugi techniques approach the human body as one system, comprised of many sub-systems – all of which must be in good balance with each other to attain the best possible health. Gentle movements are used to teach the brain how to coordinate the body better, relieving and eliminating existing pains and at the same time reducing the chances of re-injury.

The services offered are a combination of health education, learning new tools and exercises for healthy living, and hands-on work to serve as a catalyst for change. Each one is a key piece in the process of healing and creating a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Vision and Mission

Ofer seeks to spread an attitude of non-violence and cooperation. Dedicating even a few minutes each day to practicing non-violence towards oneself and others, and practicing cooperation between body, mind, emotion and spirit will reduce inner conflicts and bring well-being to all. In the health field this is expressed in a practical way by learning to listen and cooperate with our bodies to maintain and improve physical health, with our minds to maintain clarity and with our emotions to achieve inner peace.


Ofer Erez is a recommended health coach by Dr. Saputo for DoctorSaputo.com. The link below leads to media files that are in the DoctorSaputo.com library that were done with Ofer.


Ofer Erez


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