Kids with Fewer Vaccines have Fewer Doctor and Emergency Room Visits

submitted by: admin on 11/08/2017


Pediatrics published an article looking at the "benefits" of having vaccines on schedule vs not in two groups of infants between the ages of 6 and 24 months. What they found and what they reported is very different. To their surprise, those children who did not have vaccines by deliberately avoiding some of them, had fewer visits to their pediatricians or to the emergency room. So, what did they report? "Undervaccinated children appear to have different health care utilization patterns compared to age-appropriately vaccinated children."

This is science at a low point! It is a little surprising that the 15 researchers who were involved in this paper published anything at all.

It is time to do the studies that are necessary to assess the value of immunizations in a scientific way. Let's hope that the age of proclamations is coming to an end.

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