Fecal Transplantation to Treat C. Difficile Infections

submitted by: admin on 09/21/2013

Fecal transplantation through colonoscopy is an effective treatment for recurrent C. difficile infections according to a Finnish study published in the journal, Gastroenterology. Fresh homogenized donor stool was implanted into the cecum. Results were nearly 100% effective compared to the standard treatment with Vancomycin and Cholestyramine. Symptoms disappeared over 12 weeks and no side effects were seen over a one year follow up period.

While this is very effective treatment, so is the use of a nutritional protocol that uses probiotics, l-glutamine, and a number of nutrients such as what is found in many products such as UltraClear Sustain, and implantation is unnecessary. Nonetheless, this is a very good backup approach that can be highly effective.


Fecal Transplantation to Treat C. Difficile Infections (Video)

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