Does Spiritual Health Lead to Better Health?

submitted by: admin on 06/01/2014


Despite differences in rituals and belief among the world's major religions (Buddhism, Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Protestants), spirituality often enhances health regardless of a person's faith according to researchers at the University of Missouri.

Actually, anything you believe, whether in self, others, or spirit, has a powerful effect on your biochemistry and physiology. The effect of trance sometimes enables what seems to be superhuman, such as walking on hot coals barefooted.

Studies on intercessary prayer at San Francisco General Hospital in the late 1980s showed that it modified how well people in the CCU fared. David Spiegal's work at Stanford documented that group support improved the outcome of stage 4 breast cancer patients.

It appears that thought is a potent epigenetic factor that modifies how DNA and our genes express themselves!

Does Spiritual Health Lead to Better Health? (Video)

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