Optimal Nutrition in Preparation for Surgery

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An article published in the journal, Surgery, in March of 2013 showed that what you eat before surgery may affect your recovery. They demonstrated that in mice consuming a high fat diet that there was more inflammation in the body. These authors also pointed out that when fat tissue is traumatized at surgery that there is a flaring of inflammation both locally and systemically. Surgeons generally cut and damage fatty tissues freely in order to visualize their surgical fields, especially because fat does not bleed much. Surgeons should avoid traumatizing adipose tissues during surgery.

Fat tissue is far more than storage of energy for the body. It stores a number of hormones such as leptin and adiponectin, secretes inflammatory chemicals including TNF-alpha and IL-6, and has an influence on immunity, reproduction, glucose metabolism, tumor development, protein metabolism, and much more!

A healthy pre-operative diet should include healthy fats such as essential fatty acids, juicing, probiotics, and a balanced diet of organically grown foods grown in rich soils.

Optimal Nutrition in Preparation for Surgery

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