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Religion and Spirituality in Health Care

submitted by: admin on 05/27/2024
The science and spirituality of the shaman split when Newtonian physics took over medicine. Whatever we did not understand was simply discarded. Spirituality was relegated back to the domain of the church. Now that Einsteinian physics, or quantum physics, has moved forward, it has once again become clear that science and spirituality are merely different ends...

Solitude with Robert Kull, PhD

submitted by: admin on 10/14/2013
Spending an entire year in the wilderness and harsh weather of Southern Chile was a calling for Bob Kull. He learned that there is a profound reality beyond the ego and that duality and unity are in a single spectrum. Learning to be with himself was one of his lessons.          

Wellness Buffer

submitted by: admin on 10/19/2019
  The "wellness buffer" is a range in a spectrum between ideal / perfect health and when the symptoms of disease begin. It takes loss of considerable reserve function before health deteriorates to the point where you first develop symptoms. We should all be working hard to preserve this buffer between perfect functionability and where dysfunctionality...

Why Premonitions are Important with Larry Dossey, MD

submitted by: admin on 05/27/2024
Premonitions are related to survival. They often occur in our dreams and emerge into our waking awareness and frequently relate to the maternal child bond. Science and intuition are interrelated but generally discarded because we don't understand what is happening. We need to listen to our patients.

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