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The volume of the abstract is usually 10-15 pages. This is like one theoretical part of a term paper. However, the abstract has its own parts, paragraphs. They share different issues on the topic.
You can add 2-3 chapters and divide them into 2-3 paragraphs each. It will turn out that one paragraph will take 2-3 pages. That said, each chapter should start on a new page. So if you have moved the text at least a little bit to a new page, you can safely leave it almost blank and move on to a new chapter.
However, after completing one paragraph, you only need to double-space and start a new paragraph. Further in the article, we will look at how to properly name each chapter and paragraph.
Do not forget that the scope of the work includes not only the text, but also the title page, table of contents, and the list of references used. Thus already 3-4 pages will be information on the work, but not the text itself on the topic.
Write an essay itself for 1 day really, even if you do not download the work from the Internet in finished form.
If you want to learn how to write an essay in one day, we recommend that you prepare for serious work at once. Devote at least 2-3 hours or the whole day to your work. You need to immerse yourself in your topic, maneuver between different literary sources.
Tell all your family and friends not to be distracted, close all social media and refuse to watch short videos.
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