Peripheral Neuropathy

There are a wide range of causes for peripheral neuropathy that Dr. Saputo will review. The most common symptoms of neuropathy are numbness of the feet and or hands, loss of balance, motor weakness, and in some people autonomic dysfunction. Dr. Saputo will review the diagnosis, cause, symptoms, and treatment for peripheral neuropathies. 

Anxiety and Stress Assessment

We all suffer from some stress and anxiety. However, when it interferes with our peace of mind and happiness it is important to resolve the reasons for their presence. In this health assessment we will provide you with tools to help you do this. 


In this Health Assessment you will learn more about what cholesterol is, why we need it, what its fractions mean, the safety of conventional statin treatment, nutritional therapies to manage it, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, how to treat abnormal cholesterol values, and who should use which strategies. 

Dr. Saputo's General Wellness Assessment Survey

This is a one-time inquiry that Len Saputo, M.D. has designed to help assess your overall health and wellness status.  Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions as honestly as you can.  When you are finished you will receive specific information to help you begin your journey to wellness and vitality, do what is right for your situation, and feel better.

Hypertension Self Evaluation & Assessment

Dr. Saputo's Hypertension Health Assessment will determine first of all if you have high blood pressure and then investigate what you're doing to control it. Lifestyle strategies are very important in controlling blood pressure so we'll ask you about your diet, exercise, stress, sleep, weight, and meaningful purpose. We will also offer you suggestions for supplements that might be of benefit in your situation.

Peptic ulcers

Dr. Saputo's Peptic Ulcer Health Assessment takes a look at how your ulcer affects you, what drugs or nutritional supplements you are using, how you have been evaluated, and what complications of ulcers that you may have.

Autoimmune Health Issues

In this Health Assessment we will ask you about the specific autoimmune disorder you have, what drugs or CAM approaches you're using, what options might be considerations for treatment, and explore what possible causes might be useful in management. 


When you take our Exercise Health Assessment you'll answer questions about how much exercise you do, how intense it is, what your physical limitations might be, if you have an illness that can be helped by exercise, and coached (if you want) about nutritional supplementation. 


Dr. Saputo's Insomnia Health Assessment will explore the reasons why you have insomnia, evaluate how you manage insomnia, and offer suggestions for management that look at the underlying reasons and the tools you may want to use to deal with the symptoms.


Dr. Saputo's Stroke Health Assessment will assess your risk for stroke, the medications you may be taking for stroke management, tests you may want to consider to see if your blood is prone to coagulation, and the best way to prevent a stroke.

Breast Cancer

Once you have breast cancer you need to know the best strategies to slow down or reverse its growth. We will ask you about the type of breast cancer you have, what treatment you've considered or completed, whether or not you're interested in CAM approaches to treatment, and important lifestyle factors that could have an impact on how your cancer will affect you. 


Dr. Saputo's Lifestyle Health Assessment asks you about your diet, exercise, stress, sleep, weight, exposure to toxins, and meaningful purpose in your life. He will help you understand more about what you can do using lifestyle strategies to maintain optimal health.



In our Arthritis Health Assessment we will ask you about the kind of arthritis you have, how it interferes with your lifestyle, and what you can do that is safe and effective to reduce or eliminate your symptoms. Mainstream and CAM approaches to treatment reviewed and discussed. 

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Dr. Saputo's Inflammatory Bowel Disease Health Assessment will assess your symptoms, the drugs and supplements you're using, the workup that has been done to manage IBD, and the extent of anxiety or depression you may be suffering from. Natural treatments are offered that can lower or sometimes even eliminate the need for pharmaceutical drugs.


Dr. Saputo's Pain Health Assessment will ask you about the kind of pain you have, how much it interferes with your lifestyle, and what you do to relieve your pain using both mainstream and CAM approaches.


Dr. Saputo's Menopause Health Assessment asks you about your symptoms, treatment with drugs, hormones and supplements, and lifestyle factors that can be helpful in managing symptoms of menopause. Based on this information he provides audios and videos that will help you understand what can be done to help you manage this problem better. 

Hiatal Hernia

Dr. Saputo's Hiatal Hernia Health Assessment investigates your symptoms, treatment, possible complications, workup, and offers nutritional approaches to managing this disorder. You will get instant feedback in audio and video that will educate and guide you to making wise choices about how to manage your condition. 

Cancer Prevention Strategies

If you want to be proactive about preventing cancer this is the Health Assessment for you. We will ask you questions about lifestye factors that include your diet, exercise, sleep, stress, weight, exposure to sunlight, and exposure to environmental toxins and provide you with information that can help you maximize your body's ability to defend itself against cancer.   

Cancer is more of an epigenetic than genetic disease and most of it is preventable! Unless most cancer genes are activated by environmental factors they never become active and do not usually cause cancer.

Atrial Fibrillation

In this Atrial Fibrillation Health Assessment we will ask you about how often you're in atrial fibrillation, how you are dealing with stroke prevention through anticoagulation, how you are managing the potential rhythm disturbances that can result, what supplements might be of value in preventing stroke, and look at drugs that can cause atrial fibrillation.


Our Addiction Health Assessment explores what you are addicted to, how your addiction affects your lifestyle, and what you can do to deal with it using mainstream cutting edge therapies and CAM treatments. 


Dr. Saputo's Headache Health Assessment assesses the frequency and severity of your headaches, possible causes that are often overlooked, the treatment you're using and what is possible, and what workup might need to be done to determine the best strategies to get rid of your pain.  




Dr. Saputo's Hypothyroidism Health Assessment will first determine whether or not you really have hypothyroidism. This can be done with great precision. Many people are on thyroid hormone and don't really need it. We will then find out what symptoms you're having of hypothyroidism and whether or not other endocrine problems such as adrenal malfunction. 

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Our Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Health Assessment will take a careful look at your specific symptoms, the drugs and supplements you may be using, and will explore any history you may have about trauma. It will also review possible treatments for these disorders and special tests that are not available in the mainstream that are very helpful in assessing and treating these challenging disorders. 

BioEnergy testing is now possible and extremely useful in differentiating people who have abnormal oxygen utilization that measured mitochondrial dysfunction, from those who are simply deconditioned or depressed.  


This survey will enable us to provide specific information that may help you understand why you are depressed and what you can do to deal with it.

Weight Assessment

Your answers you share in this survey will guide you to information you need to understand the cause and solutions to weight control.  Our experts have worked hard to bring you the latest and most self-empowering tools to help you reach your goals.  All the best!

Back and Neck Pain

Answers from this survey will allow us to provide information you can share with your health care practitioners that is specific to your situation and can help with creating an effective integrative pain management program.

Asthma and related allergic disorders (hay fever, eczema, angioedema,hives)

In our Asthma Health Assessment we will ask you about your present treatment and its potential dangers, lifestyle factors that are important in preventing asthma, the role of tests infrequently used in the mainstream that are very important in dealing with possible underlying causes for asthma, and a variety of possible treatments for asthma and other related autoimmune disorders that include hay fever, eczema, angioedema, and hives.


Our ADD/ADHD Health Assessment asks you questions about how the diagnosis was made, what symptoms you have, how you are managing your symptoms, and what can be done to treat this problem with and without drugs. 

Alzheimer's Disease

Our extensive Alzheimer's Health Assessment delves into how this disease affects your lifestyle, what drugs and supplements you are using to manage its symptoms, how thorough a work up was done to make the diagnosis, and how you can cope with this disease.


Dr. Saputo's Osteoporosis-Osteopenia Health Assessment asks questions about your lifestyle, treatment with hormones, supplements and drugs, method of evaluation, and overall health. Dr. Saputo then offers suggestions to consider for management in audio and video that you can discuss with your health care practitioner. 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Dr. Saputo's Irritable Bowel Disease Health Assessment will ask you about the severity of your symptoms, what you do to manage it, what tests you did to assess it, what associated bowel diseases you may have, and what you can do to manage this illness.

Heart Attack (arteriosclerotic heart disease) Personal Health Assessment

If you have had a heart attack it is necessary to deal with the reasons why this happened. Our Heart Attack Health Assessment will explore this as well as managing complications, supporting heart nutrition, considering tests that are infrequently done in the mainstream that are very important for both treatment and for predicting future problems, and looking into disorders that can predispose to heart attacks. 

Cancer Assessment

This survey will help us guide you to personalized integrative options for possible cancer treatments. 

Type 2 Diabetes Self Assessment

The results of this survey will help us provide you with the specific personalized information you need to improve your type 2 diabetes. 

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