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Are Carbohydrates Important When Losing Weight?

submitted by: admin on 05/16/2015
When we're young we handle carbohydrates better than when we're older. However, excessive carbohydrate intake even in childhood is a bad idea. The risk for metabolic syndrome goes up proportionately as we consume more carbs, especially simple sugars.                

Designs For Health: Weight Loss Support Packets

submitted by: admin on 07/17/2024
  Improved – now with CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) to provide a more effective weight loss support product. Our Weight Loss Support Packets provide support to help the body: use fat for fuel improve insulin sensitivity modulate cortisol reduce cravings improve metabolism increase energy  improve...

Do MDs Manage Obesity Well?

submitted by: admin on 07/17/2024
Two-thirds of Americans are over weight.  Many of those are obese or morbidly (over 100 pound over weight) obese.  It is well documented that obesity causes a number of chronic diseases, and even death.  The medical costs due to obesity is enormous.  Many people use food as a way of coping, including children.  It is not uncommon for...

Exercise Intensity and Weight Loss

submitted by: admin on 09/21/2013
The intensity of exercise is important because it burns calories faster and causes a sustained increased basal metabolic rate for several hours afterwards. Interval exercise stimulates the ability of the body to condition itself faster. We burn fat until we become fatigued, at which we begin to burn carbohydrate and produce lactic acid. Aging is associated with...

How the Sun Can Help You Lose Weight

submitted by: admin on 05/28/2014
Can the morning rays keep the pounds off? You bet! According to an article out of Northwestern University Medical Center published in the April issue of PLoS ONE, morning sunlight for 20-30 minutes between 8 am and noon can lower our body mass index by 20% over time! This means, according to this scientific study, that a 150 pound person would lose about...

How to Lose Weight on a High Fat Diet

submitted by: admin on 02/19/2015
  Research from the University of Jerusalem published in FASEB shows that a scheduled high fat diet leads to weight loss because of increased fat burning. Snacking upsets this process. A previous study published in Cell Metabolism in early 2012 showed that feeding rats the same number of calories over 24 hours rather than over 8 hours also led to weight...

How Weight Loss Pills Make You Gain Weight

submitted by: admin on 11/20/2014
Weight loss pills in general don't help you lose much weight over either the short or long term. And they have potential serious and at times even life-threatening side effects. Dr. Len does not recommend any weight loss pills for his patients. It is better to be over weight than take a pill that does very little and can be harmful. The market is flooded...

Intestinal Microbes and Obesity

submitted by: admin on 10/09/2013
The importance and function of our gut microbial ecosystem in our body's biochemistry and physiology is discussed. The mechanism of how bacteria can drive obesity are discussed in terms of leptin and insulin sensitivity.

Is melatonin effective cancer treatment?

submitted by: admin on 06/24/2016
  Melatonin has a wide range of benefits in people with cancer. It is an immune booster (increases NK cells that fight cancer), inhibits angiogenesis, increases apoptosis, alleviates many of the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation thereapy, and is safe, affordable, and available. Research from Cancer Treatment Centers of America shows that...

Load Up on Fiber Now and Avoid Heart Disease Later

submitted by: admin on 07/17/2024
Most of the time we associate fiber with bowel health, especially constipation. However, fiber has a prominent role in lowering hypertension, weight, and cholesterol and has been shown to lower the risk of heart disease later in life. We need between 25 and 40 grams a day of fiber and this can easily be achieved by filling two thirds of your plate with fruit,...

Losing Weight with Byetta with Joe Prendergast, MD

submitted by: admin on 07/17/2024
Byetta comes from lizard spit; it is an "incretin." It helps lower blood sugar and slow down glucose absorption. There are hundreds of metabolic hormones involved in sugar metabolism. Weight loss is a "side effect" of Byetta.

Middle Aged Running Speed Predicts Heart Attacks

submitted by: admin on 10/11/2013
  How fast you can run a mile at age 55 is predictive of your risk for a heart attack. If you can run a mile in 15 minutes your lifetime risk of a heart attack is 30%. If you can run a mile in 8 minutes, your risk is under 10%. Exercise benefits our risk for hypertension, type 2 diabetes, being overweight, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and fitness....

Modest Weight Loss has Lasting Health Benefits

submitted by: admin on 02/19/2015
  Overweight and obese people can benefit from a decade of health benefits by losing just 10% of their weight, even if they regain this weight later in the decade. This reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes by 58%. This minimal weight loss has been shown to have benefits on the long term impact of sleep apnes, high blood pressure, mobility, and overall...

Naturopathy Reduces Cardiovascular Risk Factors

submitted by: admin on 10/12/2013
  According to a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal in April of 2013, naturopathic care enhanced conventional care from MDs by showing a 17% reduction in prevalence of the metabolic syndrome over a one year period. Primary healthcare supposedly provides in-depth lifestyle counselling, however, why then does ND care lower...

Sleep Apnea Overview

submitted by: admin on 02/19/2015
  There are two types of sleep apnea, obstructive and central nervous system induced. Sleep is non-restorative even though people often sleep through the whole night. Fatigue the next day and accidents are problems. Symptoms are aggravated by smoking, use of alcohol or sedatives. A sleep study is important in making the diagnosis. Treatment is with a...

Tips to Lose Fat and Rev-up Metabolism with Sherrill Sellman, ND

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013
In this epidemic of obesity, we have few solutions that make sense. Weight loss reduces inflammation and improves diabetes, hypertension, cancer risk, heart disease, etc. The hypothalamus is the major control system of weight control. Chemicals, stress, eating patterns, traumas, electromagnetic fields, etc have a lot to do with dysfunctional hormone levels regulated...

Vinegar Lowers Blood Sugar

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013
Apple cider vinegar has been purported to increase weight loss and aid in arthritis, asthma, colitis, and even diabetes by lowering blood sugar. Scientific research has been scant. However, recent studies presented in Medscape show that the acetic acid in vinegar really does lower blood sugar by about 7% when used for 12 weeks. It is interesting that eating a...

Vitamin D's Role in Health and Disease with Joe Prendergast, MD

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013
There is an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency because we don't get sufficient sun or supplementation. Just 1300 units of vitamin D would lower the risk of all cancers by 50%. Toxicity is very low. A combination of Diovan, megadoses of vitamin D and l-arginine restores elasticity of arterial walls.          


submitted by: admin on 02/19/2015
How to Deal With Weight Issues Succsessfully Weight loss programs don't work! Today's weight management programs don't work over the long haul! Yet there is a $52 billion market that continues to convince overweight people that there is hope if they use the program or product offered by a particular company. This results in yo yo weight changes...

Weight Loss Diets: Which one is Right for You?

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013
Paying attention to what you eat and how much you exercise are critical factors that have to do with your weight. However, there are many other factors as well. How your body deals with sugar is reviewed.        

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