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Best Cats Breed For ESA - 2021 Guide

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There are a lot of breeds of cats out there, but some breeds are better suited to emotional support animal letter be emotional support animal. They have various traits that make them more compatible with the needs of someone who has an anxiety disorder. This article will help you find the best breed for your needs!


Cats are not just cuddle-buddy. They’re also emotional support animals. Cats have the personality of their humans: Independent and stubborn, but once you get them on your side, there is no other friend who will ever compare. 


Once these fluffy felines trust someone enough to stay close by our sides, we've got a friend forevermore with all the joys that come from having one around us constantly as well as giving us furry comfort when needed. 


Cats are good options for people having anxiety or depression. They can keep a cat as ESA after getting the emotional support animal letter. Discussed below are the cats that are liked the most as ESA. 


  • Ragdoll


The Ragdoll cat is a breed of a domesticated animal that Ann Baker in the 1960s developed. They are known for their fluffy and silky coats, which were considered to be most appropriate because they resembled cloth rags or "raggies" from which the name came. 


These cats tend to spend much time on people's laps and seek out human contact more often than other breeds do. Additionally, it has been noted that these animals have a mild-mannered disposition with those who look after them, even going so far as exhibiting traits similar to dogs at times!


  • Manx


You might not know this, but Manx cats don’t have a tail! But they make up for it with their personality and intelligence. Gentle, playful, and eager to please, these curious creatures can be taught how to play catch with the family pet or even learn tricks like jumping over objects on command. 


Affectionate by nature, some of them choose one human in the home as theirs who will shower all attention upon that person. In contrast, others spread love equally throughout the household, making them perfect pets for large families where kids may need help sharing toys or sweets from time to time!


  • American Bobtail


The American Bobtail is a small breed of cat with short, stubby legs and an impressive tail. They are active, playful cats who love to cuddle. The soft voice makes them perfect for owners that need their spirits lifted or as emotional support animals because they’re eager to show affection openly while being great around children too!


  • Persians


Persians are a breed of cat that is known to be regal, beautiful, and quiet. They have adorable faces, which makes them very expressive. These cats enjoy sitting on laps for petting, but they still need regular grooming because their hair can become long if not properly cared for.


Especially in the case of Persians who share this trait as being one of few breeds that come from Iran or Persia. Persian's make excellent emotional support animals because people love how gentle these felines are. However, it may take some time before you feel comfortable enough around your new friend!


  • Russian Blue


The Russian Blue is an elegant yet shy creature with a stunning coat that shimmers in the sunlight. This pristine, shimmery grey-blue coat and gem-like green eyes are just some of their many attributes, making them hugely popular among anyone who's ever laid eyes on one before. 


The well-mannered nature makes this cat an excellent choice for those ESA Letter looking for companionship in addition to elegance with little maintenance needed!


Cats can be a great companion for those who want to take on the responsibility of caring for another living being. If you’re interested in keeping a cat as ESA, first get your ESA letter. We hope this article has helped you figure out which breed you should choose according to your nature. 


We know that no two cats are alike, so don't expect to find one like ours at the shelter or even from an adoption agency. But with some patience and time spent getting to know different animals, you'll have what feels like a best friend by your side through thick and thin!



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