Why ADHD and ADD are Becoming a Pandemic

submitted by: admin on 05/24/2016

According to a November 2014 article published in Social Science and Medicine, the diagnosis of ADHD and ADD are spreading like an infectious disease. Until the past decade, the US consumed 90% of the drugs used to treat these disorders, and the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Brazil the rest. Even though far more of these drugs are now used in the US, we only account for 75% of drug sales. This means there's been a tremendous increase in sales around the world even more than in the US. 

The UK consumed only one percent of this marketplace about a 20 years ago but this has risen to five percent today. Similarly, drug sales rose from 10 million daily doses to 53 million doses in 2008! 

So, why is this happening? Big Pharma lobbying has increased and marketing restrictions are far more lax, psychiatrists have moved away from psychotherapy and have become psycho-pharmacologists, standards for diagnosing these disorders are much looser, and information on the Internet is abundant and often supporting the use of drugs. 

The underlying causes for making this diagnosis don't even consider the abnormal essential fatty acid defects that so many of these kids have. Dr. Len and Nurse Vicki discuss these simple flaws and what you can do that is often easy to cure!


ADD/ADHD Health Assessment


Our ADD/ADHD Health Assessment asks you questions about how the diagnosis was made, what symptoms you have, how you are managing your symptoms, and what can be done to treat this problem with and without drugs.  

ADD and ADHD are common diagnoses that now are reported to affect at least 5% of our children and many of these kids suffer from family or other social dysfunction that masquerade as these conditions. It is important to support our children with psychotherapy and general and targeted nutrition. While optimal nutrition with whole, unprocessed, unrefined foods without additives and preservatives is critical, there are specific essential fatty acids that are critical to replace to avoid biochemical defects that not only lead to the commonly appreciated symptoms of these conditions but also to the commonly under-appreciated findings that include dyslexia, dyspraxia, night blindness and dry skin. Obtaining an essential fatty acid profile is a good idea for everyone who has one of these diagnoses. 


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