The Drug Shortage "Crisis"

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013

Suddenly, out of nowhere, we seem to be facing what are being called "drug shortages" for some chemotherapy drugs, certain antibiotics, ADHD drugs, some anesthetics, and even electrolye solutions. Sounds fishy to me! While it is difficult to be certain, the lack of respectable ethics of Big Pharma makes one wonder what is going on. Could it be that when there is a perceived lack of availability of a certain drug that people become even more motivated to find a way to get it? Would lack of one drug bring another drug, perhaps one that is in oversupply, into a better sales position? Is this a great way to create demand through advertising? It is hard to know. It is too bad we cannot trust the pharmaceutical industry to be honest with us!




The Drug Shortage Crisis (Video)

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