Is the Practice of Medicine More Harmful than Good?

submitted by: admin on 10/09/2013


In a study published in Archives of Internal Medicine in February of 2012, patients with the highest satisfaction with their MDs had fewer visits to the ER, but a 26% higher mortality rate! Mortality outcomes on 36,000 people over 4 years was collected by researchers from UC Davis Medical Center. The most satisfied patients spent about 9% more on health care and 9% more on drugs. It appears that compliant people who get more care do worse! There are no studies comparing the number of deaths caused by, to the number of lives saved by the medical profession. We do know that just under one million people die every year from mainstream doctors. This data comes from Gary Null's revealing documentary called "Death by Medicine." Chilling thoughts! More care is not necessarily better care...

This perspective is not meant to discount the incredible opportunities offered by mainstream medicine. Only a fool would discard these wonderous breakthroughs. Somewhere there is a balance we have not found. We must do better!



Is the Practice of Medicine More Harmful than Good (Video)

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