Ibuprofen Doesn't Work for Colds and Flus

submitted by: admin on 11/20/2013

A study published in the November issue of the British Medical Journal reported that ibuprofen and Tylenol had no beneficial effect on the symptoms of colds. In fact, they suspected that the illness was worsened by either drug. So, it neither reduced symptoms nor did anything to hurt the virus. 

You have to wonder what took so long for an article to be published showing these findings. Do you really think Big Pharma didn't know what this study found? It is amazing that drugs like these two that have so many serious side effects have found their way into the marketplace and made billions of dollars. It seems that Americans have been brainwashed into believing that drugs are the answer to good health! Wow!





Ibuprofen Doesn't Work for Colds and Flus (Video)

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