How Many Influenza Deaths in Children were there in 2010?

submitted by: admin on 07/17/2024

The CDC reported there were 115 deaths in kids under the age o 18 in the year 2010. A closer look reveals that half of these deaths (58) were in kids who were immunocompromised, so the vaccine would not likely have been of any benefit. Of those who died, about 1/3 were immunized, which means that the vaccine did no good. Now we're down to 38 kids under the age of 18 who might possibly have benefitted from the vaccine. Assuming that half of the children might have responded to the vaccine, we're down to 19 people who might have benefitted from the vaccine.

Do 19 deaths justify 130 million vaccinations? What about the possible "side effects" of the vaccine? What about the fact that there is a hefty dose of both thimerosal and aluminum in the vaccine? Why hasn't the NIH sponsored a study on two communities, one immunized and the other not? Many of these unanswered questions leave the policies of the CDC very vulnerable.

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