Does Aspirin Save Lives?

submitted by: admin on 02/18/2015

Despite a lot of excitement about aspirin, scientists can't seem to agree on whether it helps healthy people live longer and suffer from fewer heart attacks and strokes. Published studies in the mainstream medical journals on the same nine studies included in a metaanalysis differ. The study published by the Bayer Aspirin people showed a benefit. The study published by independent researches did not. Who can you trust?

1100 people must be treated for aspirin for 4-10 years to prevent one death when used on healthy people. The price tag for this is that there would be nine bleeding ulcers and four would have major bleeding problems such as a hemorrhagic stroke! The study showed that 3.65% of people on aspirin for 4-10 years would die, whereas 3.74% not on aspirin would die. The difference is a mere 0.09% different.

435 healthy people would need to be treated for the same interval to prevent one non-fatal heart attack. The general consensus is that people who are healthy probably do not benefit from prophylactic aspirin to prevent heart attacks or strokes.


Does Aspirin Save Lives? (Video)

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