Are Spiritual Experiences a Psychosis?

submitted by: admin on 05/19/2015

If you are a psychic or visionary, psychology could assign a diagnosis of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Modern psychiatry does not embrace spirituality or spiritual visions; they are regarded as psychotic episodes. The bible is full of examples of visions. What are we to make of them?

With the advent of Newtonian "science" came the expulsion of spirituality from the domain of science! The reasoning was that because there was no way to understand it that it should be relegated back to the domain of the church! How unscientific can you get?! 

Now that quantum physicics has emerged, many spiritual issues can now be explained. In reality, it is not possible that science and spirituality be anything less than perfectly aligned. Just because some aspects of science and spirituality are beyond human comprehension does not make them contradictory. 

We might be better off living our lives, noticing what is happening, and address it with childlke curiosity. 



Are Spiritual Experiences a Psychosis? (Video)

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