Are Electronic Medical Records a Good Idea?

submitted by: admin on 05/17/2015

A survey of 8500 primary care doctors published in the November of 2012 journal, Health Affairs, revealed that 69% now use electronic medical records. They complained that health care has become unaffordable for 59% of their patients and that 52% said insurance restrictions too far too much time to deal with. Only 15% of MDs felt the US health care system worked satisfactorily.

Communication with patients via email and email prescription refills is possible in about 1/3 of MD practices.

While these advantages are clear, there is a serious problem the federal government being able to watch over the practices of MDs with electronic records. This could discourage MDs from choosing treatments not approved by the government. Clearly, we'll need to pass legislation for medical freedom before agreeing to have the government be able to spy on the choices doctors make when treatment is not conventional.




Are Electronic Medical Records a Good Idea? (Video)

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