What You Should Know About Acid Blockers and Heart Attacks

submitted by: admin on 06/16/2015

A clinical study published in the June 2015 issue of PLoS on three million patients conducted from 1994-2012 on people with GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease or hiatal hernia) showed a 16% increased risk for heart attacks in the general population. In people with a history of heart disease the risk of dying doubled! Still think the purple pill is a good idea?

This seemingly innocuous purple pill is the third highest selling drug on the planet and is used by 50 million people every year in the US. Did you know it is only approved by the FDA for up to 8 weeks of treatment? Did you also know that it is associated with a nearly 50% increase in the risk for osteoporosis and 18% increased risk of dementia? Not only can you no longer digest your food properly (we need acid to digest food), but you will also not be able to absorb calcium, magnesium, iron and B12 properly. 

In one study on healthy men, those people on the purple pill for more than 8 weeks often developed a dependency on the drug because of a rebound production of acid...try getting off PPIs in this setting!

It is silly that our GI doctors don't know about DGL (licorice root extract with the glycerrhyzin removed). It works just as well and is entirely safe!

What You Should Know About Acid Blockers and Heart Attacks (Video)

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