The Role of Breast Density in Developing Breast Cancer

submitted by: admin on 12/23/2013

Women with dense breasts from fibrocystic breast disease have up to a six time increased risk for developing breast cancer that is especially aggressive and often involves women under the age of 50. There is no accurate and affordable mainstream test to differentiate fibrocystic disease from breasts cancer. Yet digital mammograms are are relied upon to screen for breast cancer; that is all there is in the mainstream that is accepted as a screening technology. It is hard to believe that radiologists are so close minded that they will not add breast thermography to their box of tools to screen for breast cancer in this group of people! It is FDA approved as an adjunct to mammograms, and it is far more accurate and safe, as there is no radiation.  





The Role of Breast Density in Developing Breast Cancer (Video)

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