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The Health Medicine Forum is a group of health practitioners from all disciplines who are dedicated to the collaborative exploration, practice and advancement of the emerging discipline of Health Medicine.

The Health Medicine Forum serves to inform, educate and connect those interested in a holistic and integrative approach to medicine, one that is focused on prevention and person-centered care.

The Principles of Health Medicine


Health Medicine: It's Not Just About Your Health (but it is)

It's about body, mind and spirit. It's nutrition, prevention, and usually not about convention (although it can be). It's about nature and things natural, psychology and energy medicine. And sometimes, it's even about pharmaceuticals, because they do some things right and have brought us some miraculous cures, on occasion. Finally, it's about friendship, community and learning about ourselves. There's a lot to learn, so come join us at HMF!

In the video below Dr. Saputo and Geoffrey Marx (The current president of the HMF) talk about what the Health Medicine Forum is and the direction it is heading


Health Medicine Forum with Dr. Saputo and Geoffrey Marx (Video)

Bruce Lipton Rocks the Lesher Center!



Bruce Lipton Rocks the Lesher Center and 350+ Participants
The audience was brought to it's feet at HMF's final event of the season.
Bruce Lipton, enlightened and inspired everyone with science and spirit, and

Moderated by Dr. Mike Buchele, the event was heralded as HMF's best ever. Follow-up workshops are being planned to round out the experience. To borrow one of Bruce's expressions:
"that was COOL!"



In the audio below, Bruce Lipton discusses his "Biology of Belief" in an interview with Dr. Saputo.

Genes in cells are influenced and controlled by the environment in which it lives. This means that DNA is not immutable. Our perception of how we see the world influences our genetic makeup. We are actually the masters of our biology because what we think affects how our genes effect our biology. Even identical twins have different gene readouts that become more and more different as our experience goes on. The majority of illnesses are related to how we drive our biology, not by our genetic makeup.



Epigenetics with Bruce Lipton (Audio)

The Health Medicine Forum Recommends:



"A Return to Healing: Radical Health Care Reform 
and the Future of Medicine"
by Len Saputo, MD with Byron Belitsos

In the video below, Dr. Saputo gives an overview on Health Medicine and what it is...


Health Medicine is defined, its history reviewed, and its principles described. It has been brought into clinical practice at the Health Medicine Center

Health Medicine Overview (Video)


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