Tracking Lifestyle Changes

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Lifestyle is our most important prescription for good health. On you can track your progress over time using our unique tracking system on your very own home page. Once you become a member you can follow your lifesytyle changes and your improvement over time of any health care condition you have and see how much healthier you are.






Wellness Buffer


The "wellness buffer" is a range in a spectrum between ideal / perfect health and when the symptoms of disease begin. It takes loss of considerable reserve function before health deteriorates to the point where you first develop symptoms. We should all be working hard to preserve this buffer between perfect functionability and where dysfunctionality begins to become apparent. Unfortunately we've been convinced by the business of health care to wait until we get sick before we take action to preserve our wellness.




Lifestyle Health Assessment


Lifestyle is our most powerful medicine, is safe, and within our control to use. Even our genetic code, DNA, is clearly modifyable through lifestyle practices. Our belief system also has a powerful effect on our health; examples are provided. Phamacological drugs can be lifesaving, but compared to lifestyle medicine they are usually minor players.


Dr. Saputo's Lifestyle Health Assessment asks you about your diet, exercise, stress, sleep, weight, exposure to toxins, and meaningful purpose in your life. He will help you understand more about what you can do using lifestyle strategies to maintain optimal health.



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