The Role of Spirit in Healing (video)

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Mainstream medicine does not take into account the role of spirit in healthcare. In fact is discounts it because it cannot be understood in scientific language. By doing so it deprives the practitioner from considering the spiritual aspects of patients. Our reductionistic approach cannot consider the wholeness of each human being let alone the wholeness of everything in the universe.

Mainstream medicine also cannot understand that physical disease is the physical expression of psychospiritual dysfunction. It is not clear that the body reflects our psychospiritual function and provides us with somatic issues that are intended to reflect our deeper psychospiritual challenges. When we see our physician often times our symptoms are resolved, but the deeper inner healing is rarely even addressed.

There is a big difference between curing symptoms and healing the whole person. Until we include this aspect of the practice of medicine we are undoing the messages of the universe that have offered physical disability as a reflector of deeper issues we're not able to resolve without growing spiritually.


The Role of Spirit in Healing

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