Role of the Shaman in Healing

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Science and spirituality are on the same spectrum but on opposite poles. Vicki and I believe they are always perfectly aligned and congruent. Modern science does not understand the nature of spirit or how it works and rather than study it, it chooses to simply throw it out and leave it to the domain of the church. This is not good science! Hiding our scientific heads in the sand is acting like an angry child. 

Shamanism involves healing the whole person: body, mind, emotion, and spirit. It focuses on healing the spirit and the journey of the shaman transends the physical and enters into the domain of invisible realities through a wide range of techniques that include drumming, chanting, prayer, ceremony, intention and much more. 

The types of spiritual illness include soul loss, damage to the soul, loss of protection from the spirit world. Basically the role of the shaman is to restore spritual  force fields. 


Role of the Shaman in Healing

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