PRESS RELEASE: THE INFECTION DECEPTION-Leading Bay Area Physician Questions Government’s Swine Flu Campaign

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Leading Bay Area Physician
Questions Government’s Swine Flu Campaign
[Lengthy research essay supports charge of fraud: see]

(November 17, 2009 • San Francisco, CA) A prominent physician from Northern California, Len Saputo, MD, went public today to counter the federal government’s swine-flu vaccination program, calling it “highly questionable” and “seemingly designed to create panic.” Dr. Saputo—a 1965 graduate of Duke University Medical School—is board certified in internal medicine, and has been in practice for forty years. Saputo is the founder of the Health Medicine Clinic in Walnut Creek, CA, and is an acclaimed author and radio personality. According to Dr. Saputo, four pillars of evidence indicate that there are many disturbing unanswered questions surrounding the government’s H1N1 vaccination campaign:

• The facts do not support a presidential declaration of a national emergency. After an analysis of state-by-state statistics, a CBS News special investigative report released on October 21 concludes that the vast majority of H1N1 cases labeled “presumed” or “probable” were not in fact swine flu. In fact, in states such as California, less than two percent checked out. But why was CBS going to states for its report? Because the CDC refused to assist CBS with data verification and collection on H1N1; in fact, CBS claims the CDC obstructed their investigation, stonewalling a FOIA request. Strangely, the CDC stopped testing for and counting swine flu cases on August 30, advising states to do the same.

Even if one accepts the government’s own highly questionable claim of about 4,000 deaths so far, Saputo added, this toll is mild compared to seasonal flu; a typical seasonal flu kills 3,000 each month (if corrected for seasonal variation). “The CDC’s projection of 22 million total infections borders on fraudulent,” he added.

• The government is suppressing scientifically proven alternatives to its vaccine. In a much-publicized case last month, celebrity physician Dr. Andrew Weil was ordered by the FDA “cease and desist” from selling an astragalus herbal formula at his website if connected to any claim of swine flu prevention or treatment. Dr. Weil backed down, despite innumerable studies (and two millennia of clinical use in China) that demonstrate that the herb astragalus boosts human immunity to all infections. Dr. Saputo’s own investigation discovered that the FDA sent Warning Letters to 69 other companies who also offer natural methods of prevention or treatment for the swine flu. These include vitamin D, well-known herbs such as echinacea and elderberry, and other natural remedies whose efficacy is backed by scientific study worldwide. “This is systematic suppression,” asserted Dr. Saputo. “Eerily, the FDA and the FTC began attacking these companies in May, just as the swine flu broke out.” (The entire list and other supporting data for this article are at “It is ironic that millions are Americans who believe they need the H1N1 vaccine, but can’t get it because of short supply, are not being told to boost their immunity.”

• No reliable science exists to prove that flu vaccines work. “Ask your doctor to look it up,” said Saputo. “He or she may be stunned to discover that no randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies have ever been done to prove the efficacy of flu vaccine, or any vaccine for that matter.” Saputo also points to evidence cited this month in The Atlantic: In 2004, manufacturers of that year’s flu vaccine fell behind their production schedules, causing a 40-percent drop in immunization rates; nevertheless, mortality from that year’s flu did not rise. In addition, complete “mismatches” occurred in 1968 and 1997, when the vaccine was formulated for the wrong expected virus. Yet, “death rates from all causes, including flu and the various illnesses it can exacerbate, did not budge,” reported The Atlantic. “The science that supports boosting immunity is ignored,” Saputo said, “but the government’s favored remedy lacks scientific support.”

• The H1N1 flu vaccine may be unsafe. Dr. Saputo provides extensive documentation of safety issues with the new vaccines. This and all the other pillars of evidence are amplified in Dr. Saputo’s major research essay posted at his blog—please see link below.

“Whether or not there is a dangerous swine flu epidemic—and how to treat it—should be a scientific matter, but the issue has been entirely politicized by insiders acting contrary to the public interest,” charges Dr. Saputo. “The tip-off,” he said, “has been President Obama’s bizarre declaration of a national emergency. Why do we need such drastic action for dealing with an ‘epidemic’ that is not much worse than the common cold? The data on swine flu prevalence and virulence has been skewed, or even concocted,” Saputo concludes, “and this is likely happening to support a mystifying ideological agenda that seems designed to intentionally drive the population into a panic.”
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