Prescriptions for Health Radio Show: March 4, 2011

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Hour One:
20:20 tips   "When and why to drink water" and "Let's label Genetically Modified food"

Topics this hour:


  • Turmeric for cancer
  • Celebrex is toxic, but may be helpful for colon cancer
  • Insulin Potentiated Therapy with Chemo (gets rid of sugar that cancer cells like)
  • Sugar sweetened drinks increase blood pressure and affect brain metabolism
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup is like alcohol without the buzz and can cause cirrhosis of the liver
  • Diet Drinks
  • Antibiotic resistance
  • Health Care Reform and the States
  • Medical Journal bias




  • Arlene – bio-identical hormones, hair loss
  • Julia – Hypothyroid, Post menopause, Vitamin D

Prescriptions for Health Radio Show: March 4, 2011 Hour 1

Hour Two:    20:20 tips   " 'Maxine' on Health Care Reform" and "Truth in politics"

Topics this hour:

  • Patients get confused about medication instructions
  • Milk is loaded with hormones, etc
  • The positive and negative qualities of milk
  • Fish Oil for cancer




  • Sunny – Health Care
  • Andrew L-Arginine regarding sleep, circulation. Red yeast rice is the same as the statin drug Mevacor, cholesterol
  • Sajun - Amalgam mercury dental fillings.
  • Harvey - Big business determines health care. Says our show offers a sense of community.
  • Louise - Vaginal estrogen and post menopause, Vit. K for bones and clotting.
  • Marie - Black Currant Oil is an Omega 6 and good with Evening Primrose Oil and Borage Oil for diabetes and are often used to treat complications of diabetes. The oils are also helpful for asthma.

Prescriptions for Health Radio Show: March 4, 2011 Hour 2

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