Integrative Cancer Strategies

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When you have a diagnosis of cancer, choosing a treatment is very challenging. We cannot go to a single practitioner most of the time because they know either mainstream or CAM approaches. The major mainstream approach is to fight the cancer, to kill it. The major approach of CAM practitioners is to strengthen the body so it can deal with cancer itself. Many of these approaches are reviewed. The value of lifestyle management is highlighted. We need to develop a cancer management program that takes the best from mainstream and the best from CAM for the best outcomes.




Cancer Health Assessment


Once you have cancer you want to know what you can do to get rid of it and keep it gone! In this Health Assessment we will ask you questions about what treatment(s) you have undergone, which complementary and alternative treatments might be of interest to you, what lifestyle factors could help slow down or prevent a recurrence, and what you might want to consider if your cancer is causing pain or if your situation is terminal.





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