How to Manage Cartilage Tears and Osteoarthitis of the Knee

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A study of 351 patients over age 45 with knee pain, cartilage tear, and knee osteoarthritis were treated with arthroscopy or physical therapy and evaluated after 6 and 12 months. One third of the physical therapy group elected for arthroscopic surgery but the remainder of the group did as well at 12 months as those getting arthroscopy.

In osteoarthritis there is degeneration of cartilage and eventually what remains is bone on bone. In advanced osteoarthritis these patients are not nearly as good candidates for arthroscopy as are those people with cartilage tears and minimal osteoarthritis.

In general, people in these categories can benefit from integrative strategies that involve chiropractic, acupuncture, bodywork, physical therapy, platelet rich plasma injections, cortisone injections, arthroscopy, total knee replacement, DMSO, NSAIDs, and infrared light therapy. Dr. Len and Nurse Vicki review these options.



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