Graceful Passages: Death and Dying with Gary Malkin

submitted by: admin on 07/19/2019

In this special half hour edition of Prescriptions for Health Fastrack, Len and Gary Malkin discuss "Graceful Passages and focus on death and dying. 

Graceful Passages (Gary Malkin and Michael Stillwater, 2000) is a spoken word/music recording and gift book, designed to help open the conversation around mortality for anyone, but particularly for those facing it directly. It has proven effective in reducing anxiety of major transitions, and supporting family members, patients, and health care providers with a spiritual sanctuary around the dying process. Includes a second CD, Unspeakable Grace- The Music of Graceful Passages, ideal for creating a gentle and sacred atmosphere anywhere, anytime. Written and produced by Michael Stillwater and Gary Malkin, with music by Gary Malkin. Graceful Passages provides anyone in transition with a powerful experiential tool for being more compassionate, aware and appreciative.

Graceful Passages: Death and Dying with Gary Malkin

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