California Citizens for Health Freedom

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Frank Cuny is the founder, president, and executive director of California Citizens for Health Freedom (CCFHF), a 501 (c) 4 non-profit organization. John Toth, MD, the chairman of the board of CCFHF, was interviewed about the mission and goals of the organization. Considerable legislation has already been spearheaded by CCFHF with regard to licensing naturopaths in the State of California, as well as changing California State Law so as to allow physicians to practice both mainstream and complementary and alternative medicine. It is now legal for MDs to use any treatment on patients so long as they do not dissuade them from mainstream medical treatments and they do no harm.

While this legislation applies to the treatment of cancer, there is a public health law that makes it a felony for MDs to treat cancer with any therapy besides surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Thus, to fully protect MDs from prosecution and enable patients to have access to the complementary and alternative therapies they prefer, additional legislation is necessary. CCFHF is now on a mission to create this legislation.

California Citizens for Health Freedom

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