Atrial Fibrillation Health Assessment

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In this Atrial Fibrillation Health Assessment we will ask you about how often you're in atrial fibrillation, how you are dealing with stroke prevention through anticoagulation, how you are managing the potential rhythm disturbances that can result, what supplements might be of value in preventing stroke, and look at drugs that can cause atrial fibrillation. 

Atrial fibrillation occurs when the top parts of the heart, called the atria, beat at around 300 beats per minute and lead to ineffective contraction of the atria. This predisposes to clots forming in the left atrium that can break off and travel to the brain and block circulation and result in strokes. Anticoagulation is the treatment of choice but there is considerable controversy about how to do this. Coumadin, aspirin, Pradaxa, Plavix, fish oil, and nattokinase are discussed. Dr. Saputo recommends discussing the treatment that is right for you with your health care practitioner. This Health Assessment provides information about how you can match treatment to your particular situation.


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