Antioxidants and Cancer Treatment

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Cancer is a disease of lack of energy production. It is associated with loss of mitochondrial ATP production caused by oxidative stress. Antioxidants are the antidote to cancer development. This is why we sometimes see success with IV vitamin C treatment. Caveolin 1 is a marker that predicts survival. The question then is would it be worthwhile to treat with antioxidants when Caveolin 1 levels are low.

Mainstream oncologists generally are opposed to using antioxidants because of possible interference with their cancer therapies.

Metformin and chloroquin are interesting drugs that provide antioxidant protection that might be the focus of additional research. N-aacetyl cysteine is another important nutrient that is the rate limiting step in the production of glutathione, the most potent intracellular antioxidant in the human body.




Antioxidants and Cancer Treatment

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